The places in the book covers

While I’m working on the colored illustrations for the dust jackets of each of the new editions for volumes 1-5, I thought I’d take a minute to share what I think I’ve never shared before about the places shown in each illustration.

Each one is from a certain scene from within the book it covers.

Volume 1


This cover tells more about the boys in regards to their current relationship, and their personalities through the things around them, and how they’re dressed more than where they’re at. The place I pictured is from the studio Black lives in at the Mamsars’ though.

They’re sitting by one of these two large sets of windows. Behind the couch or by the dining table.

Volume 2


It’s the bridge from ch13 where White thinks of their moon-like qualities/existence, and Black has his fleeting moment of fragile happiness and peace, topped with promise about making White smile genuinely again.

Volume 3


The street by Waseem’s school in ch 21, where Black asks: “Do you think abused people turn abusive?”

Volume 4


It’s the grassy area Black walks through in ch27. The dragonfly symbolizing growth and Black’s “hide my scars from my sisters” black top is there too.

Volume 5


This speaks from itself. White’s jacket from the day of the jump is there too.

Volume 6


The large object of interest didn’t appear in manga. But the place did.
It’s the park where Black has his talk with Ty in ch45.

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