“the worst feeling about trying to draw is being a mediocre artist. “

“ but you, as the artist, have seen what amazing really is and you realize that it isn’t you.”

No ill intention to anyone, but this line bothered me and what bothered me more that over 160k agree with this.

This is a drawing of mine when I was 16. Mum wanted to build a shrine for me, like “have you seen the snow flakes falling?! Using tipp-ex is really smart!!” and I used to put it in a clear file coz it used to go rounds between classes in school coz I was “the best artist who will make it to Japan” and people wanted my autograph just in case.

This, isn’t mediocre artist. This is BAD. Like background? trees?@ what about anatomy? And wolf, where do I begin? It’s like a sticker!!! Covering his legs coz I couldn’t draw it. Being smart again huh?

This is me latest full colored illustration.

And I can say even with mistakes here and there, it’s a good piece that I’m still proud of.

What irks me isn’t the feeling behind what’s written coz self-doubt comes naturally with being an artist but don’t say it’s not you.

It CAN be you. Takes time and effort. but,

Make a decision it IS going to be YOU.

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