Two boys started a friendship on top of a building.

The smaller boy went up the building to do something that no 8 year old should be thinking of doing. The other followed him to stop him and in the process, they ended up jumping anyway, but Into a nearby river, marking the beginning of their friendship.

It became a ritual. A way to remember and hold on, no matter how low their life dragged either, both. Every year, on November 30th, no matter the weather, they went up there to jump down to lift their spirits up.

About the drawing:

I imagine that one year, Jad would come to pick up the boys when it got late and they hadn’t shown up. He got angry at them for spending so much time in the river’s water when it’s getting late and cold. They ganged up on him and force him in that so-called cold river. 

Thank you so much for every like, reblog. For every comment and every message. I swear, without you I wouldn’t have reached this place with the story.  THank you for being with me for the past 7 years and in hopes to be with me for even more.

I’m sorry if I ever said, posted or not posted something that caused you anything negative. I’m learning more and more by each day! I deeply appreciate your support, understanding and trust! 

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