World Smile Day

Keep a smile on!

Even when you don’t feel like it. Look at the mirror, look at your front camera and smile. If it feels awkward, try it anyway then laugh at yourself while you look away. 

Smile to a complete stranger.

Even if you’re hesitant. Choose a random and give them a good heartfelt smile while going about your day. Even if they frown at you thinking you’re crazy. A person you’re not seeing will probably see you and smile.

Regardless of what kind it is, Smile! It’s  World Smile Day
[hopefully you’d manage the genuine kind.]

You’ll feel good about it trust me. Even if you end up not feeling better emotionally, the chemicals produced through the brain will make your body feel better, so I say it’s a win-win.

Trivia: I’m not a person who smiles often or smiles easily, so this is a challenge for me as well, okay? 

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