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Special Chapter 01: It’s been a whole year

This chapter is set one year after Black and White met, which happens to be White’s 9th birthday and “Grey is…” anniversary. It looks a bit different from the main story chapters because I drew this traditionally in pencils, scanned and toned.

Special Chapter 01: It's been a whole year

|| Posted on Nov 30th 2011

Special Chapter 02: My best friend is a Rabbit

Special Chapter 02: My Best Friend is a Rabbit

|| Posted on Mar 31st 2012

Special Chapter 03: Two Years… Two Promises

This chapter is set two years after Black and White met, which happens to be White’s 10th birthday and “Grey is…” 2nd anniversary. This chapter was sketched, lined and toned traditionally. I’m pretty proud of some of the panelling here. I experimented a lot and it was a lot of fun!

Special Chapter 03: Two Years... Two Promises

|| Posted on Nov 30th 2012

Special Chapter 04: Our Reason

I’ve set myself a few challenges to take in this one. First, I drew the all panels borderless, in which a character, background, speech bubbles, sound effects and shading are making the shape of the border or parts of it. I trust your brain will do the rest and make the shape of the panel.
The other challenge is that I’m drawing the whole thing with one brush (Calligraphy brush at various sizes) on one layer and getting the final look from the start by drawing and cleaning up. That would explain the change in style if you happen to notice it ^^ Special chapters are always a room for me to experiment

Special Chapter 04: Our Reason

|| Posted on Mar 31st 2013

Special Chapter 05: Boy Story

Happy 3rd Anniversary! I deeply thank each and every one of you for being so supportive and kind to me and the boys for the last 3 years! Special chapter 5 celebrating the Anniversary, White’s birthday and the boys’ meeting too! (Drawn digitally)

Special Chapter 05: Boy Story

|| Posted on Nov 30th 2013

Special Chapter 06: Drawing a Smile Out

This is a special chapter that was submitted to Silent Manga Audition 2014 and was awarded “Excellence Award” and will be published in a compilation book featuring all winning entries.

It’s a story of an alternative first meeting between Black and White based on a very old comic strip I drew in the first days of Grey is…

Special Chapter 06: Drawing a Smile Out

|| Posted on Aug 3rd 2014

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The night of Nov 30th, 1996 (Black’s POV)
Our Selfish Days (White’s Writing)
Snow Days (White’s Writing)
That Ugly Night (Black’s POV)
A Meeting with Mr. White
Happy Birthday Yaldar
Dark Guilt (White’s POV)


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