BIG Update :D

77 days ago I finished the first 7 chapters (volume 01) of Grey is… (245 pages)

And today I registered the book at the national library so that I can sell it and I got the first 10 copies of the test print.

There are a few thing I want to change for when I print a bulk, like the size of the book (it’s big now), the cover and the side a bit and other minor stuff. I printed these 10 copies for test, for friends and people that I owe a lot to for helping me along the way till I reached this. And I will be sending two copies for the 5th International Manga Award, thanks to firas87k for telling me about it, coz I would’ve for sure missed it.

So let’s hope things go well.

Another news is that I booked a booth at the Amman Street Art Fair 2011, and I will be selling Volume 01, Prints, Buttons and more of Grey is… Merchandise in the time period between September 23rd-27th from 5:00-10:00 so for those who are in here I’d love to see you all and maybe you can spread the word for me.
I will probably be selling the remaining prints and stuff in October online for those who are interested.

Volume 01 won’t be for sale before December though I think for multiple reasons. I will keep you all updated about the merchandise and all on the dA group and tumblr listed to the side.

At last, Volume 02.
I am working on it these days and I have finished the first chapter; Chapter 008, and will start sketching chapter 009 in the beginning of September.
I have other non-Grey is… related news, but I’ll leave that till tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and loving and supporting.
You are awesome

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