BROtp Commissions: New style

Brotp Ink sketchcard Commissions $25 

• Styles available:

  • Ink Sketch
  • Ink Sketch with highlighter shading
  • Ink Sketch with Grey Marker Overlay

• How with Example?

Email at w/ subject “brotp commission” as follows:

Characters + Fandom: Seki and Shimizu from Oyasumi Punpun
Prompt: Kids in rain
Style: Ink and highlighter (Sharpie 2)
Shipping Address: (None in case you don’t want it shipped)
Do you mind if I posted it online? No, go ahead. / Yes
If no, provide your Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter/etc: blahblah @ twitter / I don’t want a mention

Note: Highlighter colors in the reference photo might slightly differ in real life. You can pick the color “Green” or be specific and pick the color with the brand. From experience, lighter colors tend to look better in my opinion. ( I get nervous coloring large areas with blues or purples)

• Payment:

Via Paypal only. My paypal is

Important Info/ Please Read:

  • If original characters, reference images are needed
  • No rendering from real photo/ real life brotp
  • +$7 for Registered Air Mail shipping (worldwide) / +$35 for EMS
  • One commission per person
  • Payment Upfront 
  • Prompts can be general like “winter” or specific like “modern day, angst, one is comforting the other.” Specific is better so you’d get what you want 🙂 
  • Prompts can also be a line from song/story or a quote.
  • No Suggestive or very intimate prompts please. You can write what you have in mind if you’re unsure and I’ll get back to you.
  • 4 slots open only


Pay $50 and get the whole package of hi-res scan, shipping of original (Registered Air Mail) and a process video of inking the commission.

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