[CLOSED] Grey is Vol2 News + Proofreading Request

Hello everyone~ <3
I hope all are well.
So, last week, I finished chapter 14 which concludes Grey is… Volume 2.
It’s a total of 266 pages of story and I will be working on the cover, the front and back pages during September. I dunno, yet, when I’ll print it for sure, but I want to try and have it in print during October.
As I did for volume 1 reprint, I would like to ask if there are any of you willing to proof-read the chapters.
I already have one and I will be proofreading it myself, first. So it’s not too much work if you schedule it good I guess.

But still, it’s 266 pages. So there has to be a price of a sort.
I still dunno what I’ll be offering in return, but you will already have the chance to read the whole thing before its release (chapter 13 and 14) and have your name printed on the “Thank you” Page.
I will be sending the book to you for free as well, and might be able to send both in case you don’t own the first one.

I will put up a better package to pay for your services but let’s leave it until I have a good idea about what new merchandise I will be making (in the process right now)

In the mean time, for whoever is interested, you can e-mail me at deejuusan@greyismanga.com under the title “beta-reading”
I appreciate all the ones that did the first proof-reading and would love to ask you again but I thought I’d open the chance for more people.

What you need to be is:
• A fluent English speaker
• A regular manga reader who knows how slang and free the speech can be.
• It will help if you like and know much about Black and White.  You know, in case you need to rephrase a line that Black says, it will help to know how bratty he usually talks in comparison to White who talks somewhat… classier lol I mean like a grown up.

Thank you for reading~ <3
Have a lovely day!

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