Grey is… Volume 01 in stock || New Print

Yep! Finally I was able to reprint the volume in a new place so it looks really good! I fixed a lot of the grammar/spelling mistakes with the help of Mira, Seni and Aera which I’m forever grateful for.
I can’t thank you enough; those 51 GREAT GREAT people who made this dream come true by buying the new book.
I can understand that some of you must be disappointed that I did some changes on the cover and the inside pages. It’s really FEW changes and it’s not that I didn’t put all my best into it before but I really didn’t have better resources and places to print at. I hesitated a lot before doing these changes but then I realized that I’m printing a big quantity with better quality, I have to fix what’s there to fix. Again, I’m sorry ;~; and let’s hope I’m rich enough someday to send you all copies of the new book ;A;
Without you I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far! For real ;~;

Also, don’t worry, the size hasn’t change one millimeter, so for those who plan to collect the books  (OMG thank you ;A; )

it’ll look that same next to future volumes.

Have a lovely night~

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