Grey is… Volume 3 Indiegogo Campaign

Campaign is up! Help fund the print costs for Vol3 now!

Grey is… is an ongoing slice-of-life series, about two guys; Black (boy in white) and White (boy in black). It started in November 2010 and is +500 pages long so far, and counting.

Grey is the conflict and the balance between the heart and mind in the human soul. Black and White are similar yet so different and they represent the heart and the mind respectively. Grey is… deals with intense themes like child abuse, self-harm and suicide but it’s also about the ways to overcome these obstacles; friendship, love, peace within self and courage to welcome change.

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Thank you so much!

Popular Perk

You got the first and second books of Grey is… and just want the 3rd one upon its release in January 2014?

You’re a loyal grey!

Be sure to pick the “Loyal Grey” perk and you’ll get Grey is… vol3, two A5 high quality prints with the theme “Lighthouse”, PDFs of Grey is… volumes 1-3 and a Hi-Res illustration of the Book cover for your desktop!

All for $25~

Contributing in the Vol3 Campaign is your chance to be rewarded an original artwork like these.
For $50 you get Grey is… vol3, Logbook Vol2, 2 A5 prints and an original art. Beside all the digital goods. 

(The price includes shipping worldwide)


I’m trying to raise $4000 in the next 40 days that I’ll use to print the book and ship it to the contributors.
$4000 is 2800JD (Jordanian Dinar) and 75% of this number will go to printing 500 copies and the rest will be for the shipping costs and the Paypal, indiegogo fees for each transaction.

� Why crowdfunding this year?

Grey is… have a great supportive audience. I feel very blessed every day. It has been featured on deviantART, has over 1500 readers on, hard copies of Vol1 is almost out of stock and it’s being translated and published in Spain starting this year.
It means a lot to me and the readers if this goal was fully funded. Since I started and realized I’m committed to this job, I decided that I want to make a living solely as an indie manga artist and thankfully, my supportive parents stood by my side at the beginning of Grey is… and it got bigger with the support and faith the readers put in the story and me.
My father helped me print the first two books and from here on, I want to actually self-publish the rest of the books and I’m glad to see all these crowdfunding websites that pushed the webcomics community and indie artists, in general, to get bigger.

� The book will happen.

I used the “Flexible Funding” option for the campaign, which means that I’ll get whatever amount is raised. It’s best for me financially for the goal to be funded but if not, I will still deliver the books as promised. To achieve that, I will be most probably, printing less number of copies (200 instead of 500) and I will try to gain the remaining by taking commissions, selling original art and other ways that at this point is considered extreme measures for me because my schedule is full already for the year.

I will do whatever to get the book printed and released in January.
So, you don’t have to worry. The book will happen. I just wish I wouldn’t need to go to extreme measures for it and hope the campaign would be fully funded.

� What if the campaign is raised beyond the goal?

A stretch goal you mean?
Well, if the funds reaches $6500, I will make a Grey is… artbook to be released in April 2014 for Middle East Comic Con and worldwide in May 2014.

� There is a whole lot of great rewards if you contribute now!

As small as a PDF of the book and desktop wallpaper version of the book cover (for $5) to as big as appearing yourself (or your OC/friend/ect) in Vol4 with a whole bunch of books and merchandise ($500)
You can also buy the book alone with 2 prints (for $25) or a special edition of the Vol3, logbook 2, 2 prints and an original A5 drawing (for $50)
You can also choose to buy all three books together too.

I tried to make all sorts of rewards, and all prices includes shipping worldwide!

� More…?

I got an message on tumblr suggesting non-related rewards. Like a reward of a 2hr teaching session on skype or an original drawing of choice for those who don’t want the books or don’t follow the story but like to contribute. So I thought I’d ask before I make up my mind.
W e still have 39 days to go and I will be posting about this a lot to try and reach out as many possible so I hope I won’t be a bother much ^^;

Also, when the campaign was close to $2500, I offered to draw Genderbend Black and White, which is a request people asked for often, if the goal reached 2500 the following 36hrs. And it did in the first hour so, here it is;

I truly appreciate all the support so far!Have a lovely day everyone~ <3

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