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Hello dear friends <3
I hope all of you are well and happy, doing your best in art/school/college/life and above all having fun in it <3

So I might be a little MIA from the 20th for a couple of weeks; my older brother’s wedding is in 8 days and well you know the rest XD
So I’m supposed to be all free and back on track after the 26th.

My sister is coming over from Chile for the wedding and will be staying till March 14th. I hope that won’t cause much problems that keeps me away even longer (don’t ask >.>)

Now, read the following if you’re interested in the “Grey is…” News:

Those of you who have been checking the manga pages updates; this busy time for me won’t effect it coz I already have the pages prepared.

Now, speaking of the manga ^^

I have some news that I’m very excited about 😀

First, Here are the info about the first arc of Grey is:

Info about the first Arc in the manga:

Length: Chapter 001 – Chapter 015

Description: The first arc of “Grey is…” is a series of monologues and flashbacks divided into two parts; one for each of Black and White.

Part 1 (Ch.001 – Ch.007)

Aside from the first 11 pages of chapter 001 that are Black and White’s POVs on the word Grey; the rest of the chapters are from Black’s POV and talks mainly about him, his work and flashbacks of him and White through the years.

Part 2 (Ch.008-Ch.014)

This part shows White’s POV and flashes back to an important part of his life. It shows, too, what he knows about Black from their childhood; although larger parts of White’s life and personality will be kept under covers. for quite some time >.>

Chapter 15
Gives a conclusion for the first arc.


Just in case ^^:
Arc: An arc would merely be a smaller storyline that is a part of the whole.
A group of chapters that you can characterize very simply.
POV: Point of View

The news are 😀

That I have finished sketching the first part of the first arc of the manga which is 7 chapters 😀

Total Pages: 245 😀

And I finished lining Ch.001 + Ch.002

Currently; lining Ch.003 and working on the the 2nd part of the arc (Ch.008-Ch.014)

I’m really happy about all this ^^
Thanks a lot for all the support <3


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