To those who pre-ordered Volume 4

Due to the big number of e-mails regarding the orders, I thought I’d clear a few things.

Preorders were opened at Dec 8th and the release of the book was on Jan 19th. The release on 19th, means the books will be shipped on and after the date. ( I usually pick a date that I can ship all shipment ahead of the release date so it would be delivered earlier, but this year, a trip and snow happened.)

There were +100 preorders, so I divided them to days, some where shipped on 3rd-8th (before I went to Japan) and the rest between 20th-24th.

All shipments were (and are always) sent via Registered Air Mail. It’s insured and if the package wasn’t delivered to you for some reason (error in address or nobody picked up the package), it will be returned back to me.

In 4 years of running this business, only one package was lost and the post office offered my friend to pay the total of what the package cost her. Many packages were returned to me and I contacted whoever made the order to pay the reshipment fee (Free shipping isn’t eligible  for reshipments naturally).

Now, as for the pre-orders, the start of the year is so busy throughout the world, some packages are held and delayed because of the holidays and such, so some packages which I dropped off at the post office on January 20th, where actually shipped on Jan 28th.

I’ve spent an hour and half tracking the packages and contacting all the e-mails about this, so as I replied to most, I’d really appreciate it if you can be a little be more patient. No package will be lost, don’t worry.

Thank you for reading and understanding.

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