Volume 8 progress

Today I finished the 3rd chapter in volume 8. Page count so far is 96 pages.
I really want this to be a small book, so please let it be 104 pages to go XD

These are 3 random scenes from the 3 chapters.

First chapter got me like: ½ I need a brainwash ½ who’s cutting onions a centimeter away from my eyes.

2nd was like: Bitter-sweet warmth and beauty. 

3rd was: I hate him. I love him. Poor him. I LOVE them. Poor another him. I love her. maybe poor yet another him.

I have a 2 week trip this month so I think I’ll put the consistent schedule on hold and work whenever I see fit, without pressure. 

The chapter updates will be back after this trip if all goes as planned. 

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