An Answer from an Anon Question: “Who are you?”

(I attached the rest of your question to have one place to answer to.)

I can link you to previous posts that include interviews,, facebook, instagram and “20 facts about me” Meme, but I think I’ll go with a more personal answer because your message is personal (Regardless of the fact that you’re anonymous to me) and, you also caught me at a time where the mood for writing is on.

You don’t care for the name, so I’ll just say that I’m a girl whose strength comes from her faith in her creator and her passion for whatever’s created; by my hands or others. 

I don’t know you. I know about loneliness as much as I know about friendship, I know about self-abuse as much as I know about self-appreciation and I know about mistreatment and neglect just as much as I know about love and trust.

It’s the age of freedom and tolerance for all the diversity that is this world (or at least, what it’s trying to be). But at the same time, we’re getting stronger as groups, but lonelier and sadder as individuals. The internet is making us act on an impulse; you can react to a topic with a simple click of “share”. We are learning so many things all the time, new information, new inventions, every new day, every new tweet… but no time to process it all. You tweet/post/retweet/reblog a thing, then go to bed or to the bathroom, the only two places that you can be free in (if your phone is dead) where you think about what you just posted and regret not putting more time into it before sharing.

All this isn’t me being pessimistic or judgemental, nor am I lecturing about issues that I don’t do myself.
I just want to say that it’s easy to write relatable content that many people would enjoy or be touched by, when you understand we are all, one and the same. Regardless of age, race, gender, nationality, interests, languages, religion, etc. We’re all the same at our core. We all came from the same place and are dealing with the same thoughts and feelings, under different disguises and names.

What I wrote has a sad dark sound to it, maybe, but I am a stronger believer in the good in this world, than the bad. It adds to loneliness, being like this sometimes, especially with the daily upsetting news we hear, but,
 I’m thankful that I still have all the hope for a better future and have enough logic in my head to know there is a reason behind it all. 

I don’t know you personally, but I know the above.

Apologies if I wasn’t supposed to be take this too seriously, it’s just my habit to do so. Also, sorry for getting too philosophical ^^; It’s just a good night to write some thoughts, it seems.

Thank you for reading!

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