Black and White’s video games

In Black’s case, it’s like asking a parent who is their favorite child.  As a competitive person, he enjoys games where he plays against other people. But he also likes a game with a good story, especially when White’s there watching. Horror games are most fun to play with Ritta around, they take turns in playing areas or fighting bosses, and they both feel “safer” and fake that some parts aren’t as scary as they’re meant to be.

White isn’t much of a gamer, though he plays from time to time because it comes with the package of being Black’s friend. He loves car games, whether racing or mission-related games. He -while in denial- enjoys  silly games like Pepsi Man XD 

White never played any of the games, but as teens, Black was 100% convinced that White has a crush on Lara Croft. Truth about that was never released to this day.

One thought on “Black and White’s video games

  1. Awwww 🥺 Black enjoying games with a good story more when White is there! That is sweet 🥺

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