Black’s BW sweatshirt

Angry midget at work

Thank you!

Similar thing was what inspired their whole name switch. Back in 2010 when I drew first illustration, I wanted to write the name of Black over his white clothes (wasn’t named yet) and wanted the fastest way to write it without strokes, shadows or styles for it to be visible, so I had to use black text and used the opposite for White, which made me go, ‘oh why not?’

Then the plot and their personalities seemed to fit the idea born from mere laziness.

(I struggled much while writing today, so it’s aren’t my thing today apparently. I hope the above makes sense lol)

2 thoughts on “Black’s BW sweatshirt

  1. I’m feeling sick currently and not well enough to read this blog post… but seeing this drawing of Black and the little caption underneath it made me smile! <3

    1. I’m not too sick by the way – nothing to worry about! Just on-and-off not feeling great and it’ll pass in a few days! But when I’m not feeling great, looking at Blackie still makes me feel better <3

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