Can White draw?

He can’t draw to save his life and won’t even try. Art class was his most hated class and got in a lot of problems in school because of him refusing to do any assignments. Black used to draw in his sketchbook and happily do both assignments when they were in the same elementary school. White stopped buying sketchbooks for school altogether after Black transferred to another school and dreaded the week he had art class.
(Art and PE had the same class in which the class is divided to two groups; one has art and the other PE. Bi-weekly basis if that makes sense)
Black still offered to do the work for White but White always refused as the whole subject is of little matter to him.

I drew about it first last September 

Black needed a few months to catch up on the fact that him transferring to another school doesn’t mean White would auto-transfer with him. Black was angry in the elementary school because of the uniform.

One thought on “Can White draw?

  1. Awwwwww 😭💔 Imagining White feeling Black’s absence in school 😭 It was probably too quiet.
    The drawing of them as kids is tooooooo cuuuuuuute 🥺 White in dungarees and Black with a juice carton 😭 And your drawing style and their adorable faces 😭

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