Can you tell me what your manga is about?

I have in my inbox a few questions from people wanting to know what Grey is, is. In the homepage of the website, there is all the info, the “formal” info which tells enough, but it seems that people like to have a more personal summary of what a story is. It’s like when you ask a friend what to expect from a thing they’ve recommended.

Grey is… in a manga about the life of two friends with rough childhoods, which drove one to decide against growing up (staying a kid at heart) and pushed the other to grow up too fast (to be locked into the labyrinth of the mind).

Despite the differences, they stayed closest of friends. Each had no one around as true and real as the other.

Both found strength in the love and support they found here and there, coming in different forms, and most importantly, from their friendship. But the extreme solutions they both used to transition from their childhood to their adulthood made them vent their unreleased pain in different ways of physical harm, mental issues, anger, disappearance and other unresolved problems. 

The story is told in a nonlinear narrative, with flashbacks and overlapping scenes. It deals with heavy themes of abuse, self-harm, death and suicide, but it won’t walk you to a dead end, at least it’s not my intention. I write about the storms to shine the light on the sunshine that follows.

I have to list though, the two points that confused/interested new readers most;

1. Colors and Names: Black is the guy with white hair, usually in white attire. White is the guy with black hair, usually in black attire.

2. The relationship: They are friends. (throughout 😛 )

Thank you for reading!


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(I’m sorry if I made a lousy job giving a summary. I want to sound friend-like but I always get serious behind a keyboard TT_TT)

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