Did you draw a manga story before greyis?

I drew pages, and scenes but not really a story.

2005 (I was 19). A story that I knew nothing about. It was just a bunch of characters with different powers and “cool” hair, but no idea what they’re gonna use the powers for, nor what they were fighting and dying for (I think only one stays alive).

Thoughts were that it’s the most original thing and I’ll be the no.1 “mangaka” in the world. Trivia: I never read one single manga back then. I don’t think I knew what manga is. Only watched anime (you can guess the genre, maybe some titles too…)

2008 Then again with the same story, but gone digital WOOHOO! Thoughts of being the best mangaka this world will ever see persists. Still no idea what the story is about. I received my first manga book, but never read it, never opened it. No kidding.

2009 I wrote a story and actually submitted to the, I think it was the 3rd, International Manga Award. You can tell I still have the confidence that I’ll sit at the top. I sketched scenes about different human emotional conditions from times to time, inspired by the complication that was my life back then.

then, 2010, I held that first manga book in hand (which was a gift I had sitting on shelf since I received it). Right then I said “I wanna try writing a short story and draw it seriously from start to finish”.

My thoughts were “it’s the most unoriginal thing in the genre I most enjoy and will probably be full of cliched lines. It’s simply everything I love in a few pages.”

And here we are now.

I always say “Grey is”, is my first attempt coz all these unfinished attempts were just like me trying oil scenery painting or watercolor flower illustrations or any other medium/method/technique that I was curious about, tried it for a day and moved back to my comfort zone of bishies, or, my bed.

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