Do you ever get anxious about your family/friends seeing what you write and draw?

Here is the thing. I don’t really. Especially with art more than writing.
But there are very specific individuals that I don’t like them to read my words because I know they already have their own judgement on me, which I don’t agree with, and the way I subtly present some things might make them confirm their assumptions. (Mostly my school mates)

Another kind that I don’t really care if they read but who I really don’t like to share my work with are those who STRONGLY believe writers/artists write about and only about what they personally experience.
And those are many, I know lol.

In the end, I’m putting my work in every corner on the internet and in my real world, so 97% of the time I don’t care who sees what so I don’t fear sharing.
But sometime my years of struggling with self-image and how people misunderstand the words I say get the better of me. That doesn’t make me not share but it makes me too conscious when I share.

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