Expressing Oneself or the world

Your message warms my heart! In my recents posts, I’m tackling a part of me that I didnt bury or hide, but simply forgot about with all the  business of life. That, and colors. Colors always give a good air to a drawing. So it makes me happy that your notice a change and that you took the time to write me.

I think the long-lasting is expressing oneself. It can and probably will change a lot over time coz it changes with growth, but That’s a good thing no matter how bad it can get; the expression. 

It’s also useful to create art that is purely a self-expression, both for the artist and the viewer. Art is objective, but how much of a self-expression it is, is what makes art, art in my opinion. 

A lot of creations are dead nowadays because they’re less about expressing one vision and more on how to make that vision appealing and marketable. 

Expressing the world is indeed art and a strong form of art, but I believe it’s when one’s self is one and in tune with the whole world that expressing their point of view on their world and the world around them is among the highest levels of art creation. 

Rereading what I wrote above, I just hope I’m making any sense. If not, sorry and I’m happy that at least the first paragraph is understandable enough 😛 

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