Getting the audience for Grey is

that’s always a difficult question to answer. Because I love my audience and I enjoy having such committed loyal readers. But I still think of how to reach more people and I never know how. It feels like my readership gradually increased over time at a steady pace but then stopped at a certain point and been there since. 
It’s not only Grey is… but my art as a whole, which I might have a vague idea why.

Everything is fast, and there are billions of things to watch and check every day. I feel like those who are going strong are ones who already had a large following before this insane social media times started.
Not to say you can’t break through now, but it needs a lot of dedication and effort and of course a bit of luck? and understanding of the trends and such. Not to mention, if one is a genius and their work is truly impactful and strong, it’ll take them to all places.

So to answer your question, for me it was and still is tough. I’ve been consistently present with my art and Grey is… for 7 years now with over 40 chapters/ +1500 pages now, but sometimes it feels like it’s still the same as it was the first 2 years of Grey is. Sometimes, even, it feels worse than those to be honest because of the lack of interactions (which I had at the time.)

 I might be sounding bitter but I’m not really.  It’s a swing. 90% of the time I’m just happy where I’m at and I’m really really lucky to have what i have now. But humans are greedy lol so sometimes I find myself going down that slope. 

Also, it’s not like I’m entirely present as of recent couple of years so I can only be realistic and not expect too much from this– like, crappy presence that I have.

It should be more stable and I should give more, you know? That’s why I said it needs dedication.

I have things in real life, true, and I have such busy working schedule with Grey is…, yes, but I need to try and figure out where I want to be most active (like what online service) and commit to being there, all the time, any time, to those who matter and those readers I hold dear.

The other day, a friend asked me how many followers I have on Instagram now and if I reached 100K. I used to be obsessed with numbers with her before mainly because she and I know, the dreaded number count affect the new visitor’s view on an account. But I told her “I have 90 something k, but what I want now is a handful of people I know and interact with rather than a million who I know nothing about and they nothing about me or my work up close. And that is making me shift gears recently and try to consider new ways to be there with my readers.

Man, this got long and I’m not sure if it answered your questions. I’m deeply sorry but also, thank you for asking!

you’ve given me a space to put down some thoughts I didn’t know were taking a significant space in my head. 

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