How do you doodle daily next to all the work on the manga?

thank you so much! It’s a pleasant thing really, and the extra small size book sure helps hehe (it’s moleskine extra small blank daily planner for 2016 by the way).

Okay, here is how I go about it;

When all is going according to schedule I draw everyday first thing in the morning. I put in an hour-40min while having my coffee to sketch and ink daily.

There are months that it’s impossible to do so, either I’m tired, not feeling it, woke up late, has more chores to do around the house, etc. So I make sure to at least sketch everyday, before bed or while waiting for lunch or something.

I have many pages still un-inked from past months. And this month is pretty hectic as well.

Then, whenever I have some free time, or I’m in a waiting room somewhere for a doctor or at the bank or in the car, I make sure to always have the conveniently small book and one pen to ink the sketches pages from before.

August was a month that I did all illustrations without pencil sketching so I have it all finished (though it’s messier than the usual clean inks). Something that I should do more next year I think to master inking clean from the start.

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