Is it hard to read others’ tough lives?

It’s a tough one.

It can be depressing and sometimes, it’s the reason I take time off from the internet. Especially that people in real life tend to talk to me too, and I personally read and observe a lot of stories. But then, after a break, I return refreshed to listen more. 

See here is the thing, you gotta dig deep and know how much it affects you and if it’s interfering with your well being or mental state. I am all open ears, but when I feel like there is a lot on my plate or if its roping me down a dark hole, I draw the line, even if it’s a best friend in real life who I see face to face.  Gently, that is.

Also, you gotta know what stories are totally not for your ears because they leave worse effect on you than other topics. You come first in a non selfish way, because you can’t help anybody if you’re not fine yourself, you know?

I like to try and read those stories and reply, but sometimes I can’t find the words and I just… keep the message hanging. Which is probably bad, but usually people send me saying they’re not sending for a reply, just a let out. 

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