Question: Black and White representing the heart and mind?

Thank you so much! I’m really happy to read this.

I’ve seen, for a long time, people around me, and myself struggling between what they think of a person and who they truly are which is blurred by the feelings for that person. Struggling in what to do about something when it’s rational to do such and such but feeling more like doing it differently. I personally experienced a situation where a person is too nice to me, but aren’t so nice to others, or in general. It hurt me to love them, honestly, but at the same time I got so much from their love for me. And I was left with this “I love them but I hate them” kind of feeling. When it’s really I love them, naturally because of their love for me (heart reaction), and I hate them for what they do to others (mind logically speaking).

We’ve almost all been there as kids, when we realized that one of our parents, beloved teacher, or someone we idealized isn’t the perfect human we thought they are. It’s part of growing up, and with my little knowledge, I thought that it all comes from what logic tells us and what our feelings are. And this conflict is what I referred to as “Grey”. More will be revealed in the context of the story, especially in a chapter called “Chapter in between” that’s to come pretty soon.

Now, Black is an emotional with all actions coming from the heart, and White is a very rational person that is mature and responsible but is usually held down by his mind.

I’m not into “follow your heart” that seems to be going around in every other story. I don’t like generalising like that and because in my small head, I think that some things are bound to be looked at logically with no regards to what feelings are. And vice versa.

Black represents the heart. White, the mind.

It was a happy accident that they were named opposite to their looks.  I don’t like to think that black color represents bad and white the good. And it so happens that following the heart can be good and can be bad, same with the mind. So the mix up with their names fit.

Usually the mind’s decisions can be strict and hard to do, so they may appear on the outside darker when they’re actually for the better. (Name: White, but appears in black, and represents the mind)

“Follow the heart” isn’t a famous line for no reason. Following your heart is supposed to lead you to happiness. But not always in my opinion. 

Some decisions based on what the heart tells you appear pure but are in reality the way for misfortune and living in a black world. (name is Black, appearance is white, and represents the heart)

Grey might be the conflict, but the balance between the heart and mind under a set of principles (religion, laws or an ideology for example) that each person chooses, could be the solution. But who am I to tell ^^; This is just my view on things.

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