Redrawing old chapters?

aaaa. funny you ask that now!

I’ve been going back and forth, asking my friends and myself whether I should or not. Now that there is a3rd reprint of volume 1 and editions happen.

Buckle up, this answer will get a wee bit long. (public post coz I have another ask about redoing the art of old books)

So, the thing is, and those who have been in my streams might have heard about this.

I was thinking of cutting the story into two stories under different names, something like Little Women and Little Men. There won’t be a time skip or a change in style or perspective. Why did I thought of doing it? well it’s exactly because I see how my voice in storytelling became mine in later books, and isn’t the same in vol1. I wanted to start something new with this story that still has some time to go, but with new volume number, so new readers can pick up and if they want, can go back to the older books.

My artist friends, whose opinions I trust, didn’t agree with this idea and that told me I should check the book myself. In all honesty, I never read the first two books as a whole, so on the night of my 31st birthday I sat down and read vol1 not as the writer but as a new reader and all mistakes and text placement aside, I did enjoy reading it. The voice is the same. The writing improved but it has the same style.

What made me happiest is how many things I thought are “useless” when I thought of vol1 before reading it, and what made me hesitant to give it to new readers, made perfect sense when you look at all book as aw hole. I had finished vol6 at the time I read vol1, and I felt like things has come a full circle. Things that were mentioned in vol1, were cleared in vol6. Th way Black and White fight in vol1 is the same way, even the way they scream at each other, in vol6.

That gave a great boost to my lack of confidence in vol1. 

To answer your question, I’ve never thought of redoing the art, because I respect the me from 7 years ago and her efforts, and I also have great respect and appreciation for those who put their trust in me and my art from the start.

I can redo one thing tho; their faces. 

A face is the first thing a reader is attracted to when reading, and in some panels Black and White, especially White, don’t like themselves at all. So without fixing any panelling, text, pacing or anatomy, I’m currently just fixing the faces so they’d look a bit like themselves.

I am not fully set on this editing though. I’m liking the result, but I still need to feel even more convinced, because you know how a sketch loses a lot of its feeling when lined? I found that a lot of the original feeling gets lost when I redraw some expressions. Even though the characters themselves and how much more I know about them now plays a good role in that.

so, this is my answer, and I’m sorry for the “too long please read” answer XD

Thank you for reading 

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