Style changing with tools?

That’s the thing with the advice that all artists agree on, which is to draw draw draw.

Style isn’t (only) about the looks, the features or proportions. It’s about how everything looks togethers. Colors, lining, shaping and everything. The more you do it, the more you get the hang of your unique style because style is how your muscles get used to doing with all the drawing you do. They say style is what you do wrong and it’s, how I see it, coz it’s what you do subconsciously after days and day of drawing it.

When I work, wether traditional or digital, pencil or pen, I have the same thought  process and the same hand movements, pressure, hatching and all. That’s why when people ask how to get stable hand in digital, I advise to draw more traditionally coz it’ll help a great deal.

So, short answer, no I don’t worry coz I think, at this point, I drew enough that it all looks the same when it comes to my manga. And even if it doesn’t; (1) it’s not a drastic difference and (2) honestly, I don’t care ^^;; (I have weird caring when it comes to art. It’s everything I think about but yet I have no limits or rules. I’m sure you now how that is)

The level of freedom I have when it comes to art could be seen a weakness thru some people’s lenses, but I enjoy it. I just want to tell and draw stories really.

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