Tools of Trade

Thank you so much for your kind words!

I am either good to ask about tools or really bad. I have my favorite tools and place of work but my lifestyle and nature makes me use various different tools often.
I already posted my favorite tools, the ones I’m used to for no specific reason;

But I’m flexible coz I’d like to draw whenever wherever; like in cons, or on a trip. Part of it coz I like to experiment and sometimes, I’m too lazy to use too many tools.
This page was drawn with only a pencil. I had the sketch on another page and traced it with a pencil so it’d be clean.

and the result when scanned and edited is just the same as inks.

The following two pages were inked one with a 0.18 uniball signo pen and the other with 0.28 uniball signo and 0.4 Pilot pen after being sketched in pencils.

and for paper, I used more than one manga paper brand and still trying out ones, so I can’t give an advice on that. But you can test different paper with the pens and ink you use to see what fits you best.

So bottom line would be that it sure works manually and you have a lot in the field to test and try and figure out what works best for you and your story.

Sorry if this wasn’t much of a help and all the best!

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