White is the child of leaves, what child Black is?

He’s the spring child!

I chose their birthdays initially based on the month I drew their first sketches (March) and the month I released the first chapter which is also the date of their first jump (November). But like all things I’ve written unintentionally, they turn out to have a greater meanings behind the story and their personalities than I first thought.

Black is all about blooming and changing with different colors in different states, just like the flowers of spring he grows petals and sometimes thorns. He is also ever moving strongly like a spring of water.

White on the other hand, warm like the colors of Autumn, yet in so many aspects cold with fog and grey clouds. He gives a feeling of a withering leaf almost on the verge of letting go and falling, too.

I love the surprises of writing <3

Thanks a lot Maha, I hope you are well too 😀

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