Why people think everything is gay?

I don’t blame them.

Gay or straight or whatever; that kind of sexual/romantic relationships is the dominant type of relationships represented in media for centuries which makes it unusual to see intimacy in platonic relationships, sadly.
And even if a good platonic relationship is there, it’s somehow always treated as if such characters are missing something and it’s not enough. Even the term “more than friends” gives the feeling friends is a lesser form of relationship, romance being the ultimate no. 1 relationship which everyone should have or they’d be simply incomplete.

I just think there should be more light shed on different platonic non-sexual relationships because it’s causing so much loneliness and sadness when one form of relationship is what matters. 

I don’t like the representation of any form of relationship as the one thing that makes life complete. A good life is made of so many different relationships. But I feel like an advocate for friendships and platonic in general because for years on end I struggled with conflicted thoughts and feelings towards my friends and best friends because I was never shown and told any better. It’s sad.

It differs from one person to another, what kind of intimacy they need and it just saddens me to see how there are almost no examples of good healthy platonic relationships which to some people is enough.

 It’s a very big topic that I’d love to talk/write about someday but I need to gather my thoughts in a presentable manner first ^^;

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