30th November 1996


In November 30th, 1996… I met the person that replaced the hard rough dark grey asphalt view with a cool calm light blue water view.
We met, gave names, jumped, laughed then walked home.
He did it all so smoothly and I went along with him unconditionally.

Yaldar greeted us at the door. We were soaking and I held White’s hand to keep him from leaving.

“Where have you been?”


I looked guiltily at Yaldar who had an expressionless face as always. I must have worried him but I also was thinking that he needed to thank White there, coz I’m only soaked and nothing else, thanks to him.

“Stay here, I’ll go get a towel”
White pulled my hand as Yaldar was leaving the room, “I’ll be going now”
“HUH! No!” I gasped.
“We’ll meet tomorrow. It’s getting..”
“No!” I exclaimed frowning.
White smiled widely, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I was so angry at him being all cool, acting so freely against my will; something I’m not really used to. But at the same time I was so taken by his… aura; calm and self confident. It was the first time I found out the real meaning of the word “cool”.
He bumped his fist against my shoulder and continued smiling;
“And keep the jacket for now!”

Then he left.

That night and after I made sure Yaldar isn’t angry at  me for going out without telling anyone, I spent it in Yaldar’s room, drawing and telling him all about White and what happened with me on that day.
I didn’t tell him what I was doing on the roof in the first place and he didn’t ask, I only drew and talked until I was so tired I fell asleep on the floor.

That was the first time I drew White.


Black’s drawing of this moment:


is this…


One thought on “30th November 1996

  1. Black telling the story of meeting White with a load of “thens” 😭 So cute! And the drawing 🥺
    Yaldar what are you silently thinking to yourself…

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