A phone call by an overprotective mother (Prior to ch36)




Beee- “MY VIOLET!”

Violet: how are you doing?
Noir: doing well! and you?
Violet: can you talk? Are you busy?
Noir: I have time to spare. What is it, tell me.

Violet: Black made a friend-
Noir: ooooh school friend?
Violet: no. and he wants to visit him. I’m not sure.
Noir: you can’t protect them forever, dear.

Violet: I want you to check about his family– uh… you might even know him, coz he served in the military.
Noir: he did? Are you sniffing around on him already? D:
Violet: well-
Noir: did you give up on my services too?  (  T _ T )
Violet: Black mentioned he’s a children book’s author so-

Noir: are you talking about Jad?!
Violet: you know him?
Noir: psshshshsh do I know him! Listen, send Black to him worry-free! As if you’re sending him my way!
Violet: he fell on the tiles at your place and you let him eat fruits unpeeled. god knows if they’re even washed. =_=

Noir: oh (^^;) bad example. Listen. You can trust the man! You can never ask for a better parent to look over kids. If it means anything, he’s the only person I trust on my back at battlefield, and you know that’s a big deal.
Violet: no wife?
Noir: oh- uh- she ditched.
Violet: why?
Noir: boyfriend.

Violet: what kind of enviroment-
Noir: we can’t tailor relationships to our liking.
Violet: ….
Noir: ….
Violet: …….

Noir: As a father, as a guardian, you can rest assured and don’t worry with Jad.
Violet: O-okay… do you know where he lives?
Noir: I’ll send you an e-mail!
Violet: mm-hm

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