Extra Mini story: Black found something

Black came across some of White’s writings.

“Man, he’s good!
Woah! Analogy!
Never thought of things like that!
How does he think like that?!
This is really good!
Who is this “you”? Sounds like a really nice person.
WOW analogy!!
Why doesn’t he share these?!
These should be published!“

yes, Black thinks in caps, bold and italic.

One thought on “Extra Mini story: Black found something

  1. *sees the boxing gloves and thinks about how this probably comes after what I’ve read so far of Vol9*
    I somehow wouldn’t be surprised if the “you” is Black and he’s failing to see how much positive White sees in him…
    Also I feel really spoiled seeing these new blog updates today. Thank you so much dee T_T

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