Future scene

Extra 1:

Extra 2:

*message notification and White opens eyes, sleeping on couch*

???: Mroning mystery man!
White: Drop those names already.
???: Oh. You haven’t read huh?

White thinking: no.
*Opens fashion news.*

God damn it.

*Gets up and looks at Black.*

W: You’re up
B: Hmm

W: How are you feeling?
B: There is this weight…. Ugly weight in my chest.

W: Do you remember what happened?
B: Uhh– Vaguely

B: Something… about the shop?!
W: And?
B: ….

W: I have to ask…
W: Do you remember…

*Black smiles and nods*

W: I wont trust you. Say it.
B: You saved me and drove me here. I can never forge that you interfered and walked me back to the care in freaking paparazzi infestation

One thought on “Future scene

  1. Reading this again and I’m once again excited for whenever this is.
    The “do you remember me” </3

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