Leaving Home

We are leaving.
He away from his abuse. Me away from everything holding me back in this small town.
We were never the festive kind, and he wasn’t feeling good  because I just removed him from his roots by force. 


there was a beginning. The life we had dreamed of. 

We’re ought to have a celebration of a sort, so I brought sparklers. We always liked those.

We, are finally leaving.
To a new life where we can set the rules and be free from the pain that left its marks on his body, and my soul.

Black sighed then murmured; “I…I think I’m gonna cry.”
It sounded more like he’s in shock that that was what he was feeling.

I didn’t understand why he, a crybaby would be shocked, or even need to utter these words out loud. 

I didn’t understand why I, who waited for this day for years upon years, shared his feeling.

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