That Ugly Night

A short story about the night Black got his fingers broken mentioned in chapter 005’ pages.


My fingers… my two fingers… that I use for everything that I love and dream about… are broken down the same road with the rest of my sanity’s pieces.

I can feel myself carried by Yaldar who is running through the halls screaming for someone to come help.

“I’m a resident here!! Who is the doc on call tonight!!! It’s an emergency!!”

His voice was supposed to be loud but my hearing was going on and off and all I was thinking of was “Sorry brother, it’s not you who I want to be with right now”

I couldn’t really open my eyes or move my lips to tell him that. To tell him to call White for me.

The last thing I remembered was the cold sheets under me as Yaldar put me down and stroked my hair whispering “Everything will be…”

but drifted to sleep before receiving the rest of his words. Everything won’t be okay here and now. My wound isn’t physical at all.

———————————— 3 am ——————————————-

I regained consciousness an hour ago.

We got home, I excused Yaldar to go to bed.

“You sure you’re okay?”

I nodded.

“let me stay the night at-“

“I’m.. I will be fine.”

“wait here then” I saw him go to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water and some pills. “Here, these will help you sleep and ease the pain”

I took them and went to my room. I still haven’t got what I needed. Will morning take long to arrive?

Lying on my bed

I couldn’t close my eyes

In fact… I didn’t want to close them.


On that night, he wasn’t able to meet with White and on the following day, he went to school despite of Yaldar’s concerns.

Black had that blank face throughout the day and when anyone asked him what’s wrong, he’d answer “I was beaten at home and my fingers are broken now”

Ameer stayed with him until Black looked too pale that Ameer had to excuse the teacher to take him to the nurse’s office. Black’s blood pressure was running low and he was given a permission to head home.

At home; there was no one. It felt, strangely, safer than ever that he didn’t even lock the door behind him.

He took a shower and tried to sleep but he was shivering badly. It was raining softly outside and all he wanted still, was to see White.

Feeling weak and cold, Black put on his shoes and went out. He walked down that path, slowly, towards White’s house. He planned to stay at his door until he’s there.


“I want things to be alright again.

I can’t do it on my own.

You’re good at it.

I’ll wait for you.”

Rain started to fall slower and I dragged my legs with the little strength I have left. I felt so cold and began to shiver so hard that my teeth were chattering and my entire body was shaking to it’s core.

My feet stopped moving.


Without moving at all, I sobbed.

White was there.

I heard him moving then felt him putting his jacket around me while gently slipping my arms into each sleeve. He straightened up the collar then his hands froze in place.

He put his forehead over my head.


He wants me to say something but all words escaped me.

Then suddenly, I could feel him embracing me. I felt my eyes welling up but I didn’t want to cry.

He hugged me tight …

thinking of nothing, ignoring the pain throbbing in my fingers I slowly raised my arms and hugged back…

I whimpered “Wh-White…”

He let go smiling;

I talked..

so he smiled..

I’m not shivering anymore…

Everything will be okay now.

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