A story about friendship and finding self-peace.

Two Friends
Rough childhoods

One, refused to grow up
a kid at heart.

The other, grew up too fast
locked in the labyrinth of the mind.

The life that nobody wants
the bond that everyone craves

Style: Right to Left
Genre: Slice of Life, Psychology, Drama
Themes: Friendship, Amnesia, Growing Up, Self-harm, Child Abuse, Death, Coming of Age, Family.


Volume 1

Black and White
Betrayed by the ones he cherished most, and after graduating from high school with a series of heart-breaks; Black left his home and lived away with a friend of his dad’s. In the greyscale life he lived, he longed for nothing but the end of his life, until a a person from the past crashes out of nowhere to re-add the contrast Black needs.

Volume 2

Two sides of the moon
Black and White rekindled their friendship but there’s, yet, a lot to resolve around their life. A letter with hidden truth and revealing answers, an unexpected trip, a past love and the two questions; How good is White’s “I’m here for good” and how grey is Black’s “it’s grey again”.


Volume 3

Constants in change
As Black sets his mind to change himself for the better and help White, he starts to deal with the obstacles of his desired goal. White, on the other hand, continues to be discreet about his absence as he helps Black through it. But how much longer will his secrets stay hidden and what does the new job opportunity Black receives hold for them?

Volume 4

Lost memories and unforgotten emotions
While traveling on a tour with the rising band Three Point Square, Black and White find themselves flipping through the pages of their history. Forced to face the crumbled notes of their past, they must also decide what pages of their present they will stain with black, and what they will leave blank.


Volume 5

A past written in present
Before he arrives, I want to go over what I’ve written about his people so far.
Care to join me?


Volume 6

Stars on land & heroes in space
With Black’s memory now an open book, Black and White have old feelings and challenges to deal with. But new events in their lives refuse to let them put old wounds to rest, as they struggle to learn how to sail on-wards and shine like a lighthouse to guide others.
Strengthened by their complete trust in one another and the battles they’ve faced together and individually, they both yearn and work towards a better foundation in their lives- one acting as the lighthouse keeper and the other the sailor, one piercing through the darkness and the other riding across the raging waves.
Yet, how much of the heroic children they remember themselves as still exist? And how far can a light shine before it’s no longer visible?

Volume 7

Cracked thoughts. Compassed feelings
You know that line between letting a person grieve so they can take their time to wallow, and the point where they need a reality check?

I don’t know where that line is.
I used to, but somewhere along the years,
I became afraid of it.


Volume 8

The new grey…
After a big fight and a big jump, Black and White are now in unfamiliar territory, where their world is no longer black and white. In this new grey world they must explore learning how to feel with their heart without losing reason, and how to think things through without being heartless.
There are still many things they must face about themselves as they go through these major life changes, adjusting to living not just one way or the other, but finding balance by living in the middle.

Volume 9

To let go and to seize
Black has always been inundated with hardships, but he went further down into the abyss when he lashed out at an innocent soul after misreading a situation. Distressed by tremendous remorse, Black is now looking for the path towards a resolution.
White, who has always been by his side, whether underwater or above, is trying to understand the forgetful mind which erased his existence. The mind of his best friend whose heart continuously chooses to harm none other than himself.
All that, while also attempting to save a place for himself in his own mind, and to dig up a place for his heart in his life.




Clippings is spin-off series that works as a standalone story to deliver messages of hope and positivity.
A series as random and diverse as one person’s journey in life; sometimes it’s heartwarming and puts a smile on one’s face, others it’s a melancholia that leaves one deep in thought.


Rating: PG-13
Format: Digital Webtoom

Disclaimer: While Clippings is lighter in tone, it is still taken from this story which deals with themes of depression, self-harm, abuse and death. These themes are hinted at throughout the spin-off, and may be emotionally challenging and potentially triggering.


dee Juusan

A solitary sloth who never wants to leave the house and spends her time drawing while on the side, being enslaved by her pets and video games NPCs.

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