Analyze this, analyze that

(analysing the reason behind me wanting to quit internet often, but not really wanting.)

I haven’t watched the two movies yet by the way, the two titles just pop up often in my head, coz that’s what I do; Analyse this and that.

When something comes up, when I do something wrong or right, when I’m unproductive or intensely working, when something bugs me or completely makes me happy, I tend to think of the very basic reason, the core behind why I am that way or the other.
I solve my problems like that. And so far, I’m getting what I ultimately want this way.

I felt like neglecting my instagram the other day. Why?
Easy. The community there is suffocating me.
Questions already answered, haters, fighting, useless arguments, stealing, internet stupidity, etc.

It’s easy for some to say “ignore” or “don’t read”. But not everybody can easily do that. And it’s not that they bug or affect me much, but it’s just negativity; something that I don’t need.

Negativity from internet doesn’t seem like the core reason why I constantly think of taking breaks from it, though.
So, I looked deeper into it.

Negativity has always been there. Back when art communities were only found in forums.
So, I compared instagram to dA, the place were I started and used to love even with its bad sides.
True I’m not the same artist and there is a difference in my numbers then and now, but that isn’t a satisfying basic reason either, so I dug deeper.

I remembered how I was able to get better at responding to emails this past year.
A year ago, I deleted my email accounts from my phone and that helped a lot!
(By the way, I’m still slow, but a reply is sent in a month tops rather than 6 now.)

Remembering this, with the dA comparison… I realised that I hit something.

The core.

On dA, I used to go there by my own when I want to. I’d check interactions when I want to and feel like it.
Being an introvert (often grumpy) person that only wants to be behind the desk creating, means that I wouldn’t enjoy being in a community 24/7, and that’s what my smart phone was, I realised.

I don’t have that many social networks apps there, but even the three, can keep all the internet people around, with their good and bad.
I don’t want to remove those apps from my phone like I did with others, for one, it’s faster to update when it’s a photo or even a text update, but more importantly, I love them ; tumblr, twitter and instagram, to check and be inspired in bed or on-the-go.

I just decided to treat them the old fashion way; I’ll visit them when I feel like it, thanks I don’t need you to remind me, phone.
So, I turned off all screen notifications. (Sound has been long off)

A week in, and I feel great.
My phone now is a mini computer, that I use to talk to people, play games, take photos and, connect to the internet, when I feel like it.
And when I feel social.

It’s truly calmer and I love it!

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