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Chapter 34: Page 05
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7 thoughts on “Chapter 34: Page 05

  1. No excuse for abuse ;n; I agree with white i don’t like yaldar he can kiss my buns (•̀o•́)ง but this is an amazing story and I’ve cried I don’t even know how much times, and I’m sure I’ll still cry for yaldar ;A; but he’s still a douche

  2. Wow, that is a twist. My twin died of leukemia at an older age (9). An elderly aunt at a family function asked which of us had died (she wasn’t trying to be cruel, just didn’t really know which of us had died) and I told her I wasn’t sure (we were one). I now feel for Yaldar, but not to a point to abusing his baby brother…but I know his pain. (We weren’t the oldest, we were the babies and my family had lost another child before) Love this story! Can’t wait to per-order volume 5 and sorry I cannot afford to be a patron.

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