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Chapter 40: Page 09
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Chapter 40: Page 09


PS: 5 pages means no update next week~

25 thoughts on “Chapter 40: Page 09

    I really didnt expect that !!!
    whait point of view in the story is unbelieveable

  2. I’ve been reading non stop since chapter 22 -yes it’s 5am and I can’t stop- anyway I think this page hit me the hardest….. your writing is beyond my ability to compliment. I laughed and I cried tonight, but it’s really this best night I had in 2017. You and your boys bring me joy. ?

  3. It is 11:15 on a Wednesday, not even 5 minutes ago I was almost in tears because of stress but just one page of this and I’m instantly sucked into this world of blacks, whites and greys. This is such a thrilling twist that I can’t wait to find out even more about.

  4. It’s 1 am here and was about to sleep when I read the new updates and now I can not sleep, thinking about what if and possible twists in the story. Loved the update. The cliffhangers are killing me..enjoy your rest Dee. See you next week.

    1. Did White changed his name to start over and make an impression on black? since he was confident when white talked to black later as children. did black actually forgot white since he changed his way of talking and dressing. maybe white felt if they had similar names and wore the exact opposite they might be friends easily or a family. I still feel that there is a secret. It would be a twist if the reason why white befriended black is to destroy him and … what I am thinking its late and I need to sleep my thoughts are running wild …

      1. I am trying to think rationally so far we understand that white hates his mother to death and doesn’t care about her. Daniel says that black and white relationship is not healthy. White wanting to restart over and never gave up on black. Giving up and abandoning black seems like what white mom did to white so maybe he doesn’t want to that. But his way of thinking that he must protect black made me feel as friendship but to the dr it’s not. White dad listens to him without disobeying coz he feels guilty that he came to his life later hence why he doesn’t reject his wishes. Remember there is still a secret concerning black, his mom and jad. Wink to the 3 wolf story. White was wearing black the first time he met black. I just hope that there life is not based on lies. I feel that white tried to immerse himself into a family he thought that were happy until he discovers that black actually has issues and the one responsible for that is yaladar who breaks the image of a perfect family. The moment that white says that black is even good to this world made me feel like white feels like he is a bad guy and he done evil deeds. I am wondering why white was misbehaving with his mom and he was out of control. Sometime I feel she’s not his real mom. Also jad had an affair before with whom? It might be a connection to the story. Also yaldar twin brother death scene must be reveled to understand more. Finally ameer was taking black somewhere maybe to white? Yaldar said it was his first time taking a therapy but didn’t he go to Daniel as a young boy for therapy and also why black was accompany him? There’s so many questions.

          1. another thought came to my mind is white trying to replace someone near to black? Like wearing and acting like a different person? Or restarting himself as a confident cool image in front of black? Also Daniel mentioned that white is wearing black so that black remembers him. What does the color black means to black? Also black has a short memory that might be a reason? Or the color black triggers the mind of black? White changing his name might mean something either starting over or taking someone else identity? White has a secret his dad has a secret I feel there are still secrets waiting to be revealed.  I feel maybe white name was grey!

  5. Know what, I always thought it was a coincidence that his name was “White”and wore all black which was the opposite Black’s apparel but now I know.

  6. Will we ever learn White’s real name?  He really did go to the extremes to have Black remember him and I too wonder why.  Even though I don’t like Danial – he is a great way to get a peak into White’s true self.

    No update next week!?!  Enjoy your time off.

  7. he changed his name to “white” so the first name he has was given by his mom. And i dont know why but i think his name was “black” so he always wears black, he was feeling black(bc of his mom) but he didnt want to stay black..

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