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Chapter 44: Page 22
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By the way! Important update for the website, other than the festive header.

You can now subscribe to the mailing list to the right to receive an e-mail with links to the weekly updates. If there is nothing major, like a hiatus or a a big announcement like the release of a new volume or such, you will only be getting an e-mail when the story updates, so don’t worry about this turning into an annoying spammy newsletter type of thing.  We all hate those.

This is the first time I actually do the research and try to implement such a thing, so if anything comes up while I start getting the subscribers, please bear with me till I get the hang of it. But in theory, after all the time I put into this, this should go smoothly with no problems.

Sample of the e-mail you’ll receive. (don’t mine the automated message they have there 😛 )

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