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Chapter 50: Page 09
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The time to speak is next week.

Read ahead?

9 thoughts on “Chapter 50: Page 09

  1. I just binged the entire series in less than a week. What a beautiful illustration of mental illness and it’s affects on humans, how it interconnects, and how very complex it is.

    What I really enjoy is seeing Black, a victim, also being a perpetrator and abuser, and having consequences. Ultimately, if I saw these ‘people’ in my world, I’d demand they seek therapy, and seeing Black realize he is choosing comfort over growth (the hard way) is very refreshing. And painful to see. But beautifully and tactfully written. Thank you for writing this.

  2. Plz make more pages update can’t wait till next week. though I know it will be heart wrenching, I want to know what they will talk about

        1. I first saw this comic on Webtoons. Well, I really saw “Grey Is Clippings,” read through the first chapter, and decided it would make more sense to read this comic first. It took me awhile to catch up and it’s because I’m continuously blown away by your writing and drawing skill. As a writer, you’ve crafted such sympathetic characters and plot. But also as an artist, your art is beautiful and every page is designed so well. I personally love your art style but I think a lot of people are in love with the way your art and writing meld! Right now, we’re at a kind of lull in the story. I’m at a point in my life where I crave sadness and devastation but I also crave happy endings. There’s a tension underneath this quietness that makes me fear what happens next. After catching up, I took some time to catch up to Clippings. There were several chapters you posted of Black and White in the future, which surprised me. At first I thought, “Woah! You really love and know this story enough to think that far ahead?” But then I realized that Black and White still living in that future you wrote, that they’re able to laugh and stay friends- it made me realize that with enough time and work, happy endings can come true. I’m still curious to know what’s ahead but instead of dreading it, I’m looking forward to it. Thank you for your hard work, deejuusan!

          1. Thank you so much Sconio! These words are ones I’ll look back to whenever I question my writing or where the story has reached. I truly deeply appreciate it <3

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