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Chapter 30: Page 10
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Well, White, it so happens that today (Feb 28th) is his  birthday. (funny that this wasn’t planned)

Also, where are you readers?

just wondering, is there something wrong with the new website? There were only few comments since the move, I am getting reactions from the reblogs on tumblr and PMs, but I want to know if there is anything wrong with the comment system here in order to fix it.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 30: Page 10

  1. I always read your comics, with my kitty Toothless watching. He died this week and whenever I read you comics I get even sad but a happy sad if that makes sense. I love your work.

  2. My English is not very good, so I don’t write anything here. However, dear author, I want to say thank you for a great job. Very interesting and touchable. I love your characters and your way to draw.

  3. For a time, people could only comment if they had an account or something. 😛 It works now. I’m just not one to comment too often…

    Meanwhile, aww, that explains why White needs rest, poor bby

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