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Chapter 30: Page 11
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10 thoughts on “Chapter 30: Page 11

  1. thanks a lot for this awesome manga i am so proud that i am reading for an arabic mangaka with such great skills .. really it will be always a (special manga) for me ..i can’t wait for the next >_<

  2. Hi there. I have been following your manga a lot and I really really love White and Black. Its my first time to comment here. I also read it for the nth time. When I read a chapter I just remembered I reread the whole series again. Just yesterday l got to discover tapastic and read the whole series again. Please keep up the work and thanks for a great series.
    Love to see a sick White.

  3. aww White wins me over day by day. He’s still thinking of Black, even when he’s sick <3
    also happy birthday Yaldar <3

  4. Nah, it is fine here, maybe people just got used to Tapastic + Tumblr? I dunno, but I did… Yep, I am answering Tumblr post in here. =x

    Sick!White is like Baby!White, so cute ç-ç

    1. Thanks! I guess that’s right. I’m happy people are more active on tapastic too.
      Just you know, I’m always curious about things ^^;

      Isn’t he? was fun to draw him.

      1. Haha, well, it is good to be sure that everything is ok ^^

        I love the panels, btw (I always do, you could give me some tips xD)

        I was in love the first time I saw Sick!White, I still am! Just adorable >< Is it because you know someone that looks younger when they get sick?

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