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Chapter 30: Page 25
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Chapter 30: Page 25

Next Saturday: 2 pages of vol4 extras and news about the start of the new arc updates.

You can listen to this track and reread the scene. I created this whole scene listening to the track (esp. from 05:33 onwards)

25 thoughts on “Chapter 30: Page 25

  1. Sorry guys I was shocked that it wasn’t obvious to you that it was the brother
    I read this manga a long time ago then stopped around chapter 10 and found it once more and continued it
    It never seemed unknown to me maybe if I read the chapter with every update it would seem mysterious but for someone who read it straight it wasn’t

  2. I can’t believe how it turned out like this TT~TT Oh poor baby Black I want to hug him ;~;
    I have no words to describe how beautiful your work is ! I’ve read many mangas before but this is the only one that really effected me !
    Keep going and make us more addicted to Black & White <3

  3. Oh my god…Yaldar was at the very back of my mind. I could have sworn he committed suicide…and now there he is. o3o I wasn’t excepting that at all. Just…wow…You did such a great job.

  4. oh my gosh… this makes me want to reread all of grey is, for some reason i always assumed it was his father, and yaldar’s depression was a side effect of an abusive household, but now that i realize it, they never did mention his father, did they?

    but its not too vague because now everything slides into place. this was fantastically well done..!!

  5. I can say without doubt that I didn’t see this coming. I mean… the hints are all there, and I never saw them – or didn’t look closely enough. You have managed to totally blindside me and I love it. Well… I don’t know how I feel about this all, but it’s powerful.

  6. I always knew Yaldar was the culprit for some reason, i can’t pinpoint when i found out but obviously after chapter 13. I also thought it was the father at first but then realised they didn’t seem to ever speak of a father but this older brother plus the scene where he almost committed suicide & white in the hospital speaking to him, all of this just slotted into place for me. I think i already watch & read too many mystery themed storylines.

    1. I knew it was clear enough that Yaldar was the abuser. I enjoyed, as a writer, creating all the twists and turns that made people overlook him, especially after people assumed he’s dead; something that I never planned to be honest. But Yaldar had a weird air about him from teh start and many, many readers loved and waited for him, which made me all the more eager to share this update. 4 volumes of building up to this point.
      Great for having a good hunch about him ^^

  7. Holy Sh$t!!!! I am crying right now-actually crying! This is just too amazing, I mean I always loved this but had no idea…no idea it was going to affect me so much-it is truly beautiful!!!!

    Can we pretend I’m just stupid for a sec-so I thought Yaldar commited suicide and was dead but was he saved and been alive this whole time in a mental hospital where Inad has been watching him!? Is that where White has been too?! I am completely in love with this plot twist-it explains so much of why Black let the abuse keep happening and White’s disdain for Yaldar… just amazing. AMAZING!

    1. Not stupid, it just as always, needs time to reveal the events in the correct sequence of happenings.
      Yaldar committed a failed suicide attempt, was rushed to the hospital where he was saved as shown in the previous page, with Black next to him. Nothing in this update reveals where White fit in all this, but that he’s there for Black now.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      More will be revealed in the new arc indeed.

  8. :: clap clap :: Very nice reveal! I’ve had suspicions for awhile now and it was nice to have them fully confirmed! Unfortunately, sibling abuse IS a common, but hidden thing that happens in families. It’s easy to hide and call ‘play fighting’. Over all, very nice! I look forward to the next chapter!

    1. Thank you Tia! Yes, siblings abuse and bullying is easily overlooked and can be easily hidden or turn into Stockholm’s Syndrome, since it’s the people you should be close to most; kids who are supposedly the same as you in the family.

  9. This is all so sad, but so interesting. After this update I wanted to reread all the chapters. And I did. And from the very beginning there were so many clues that Yaldar abused Black, but I can’t believe how I missed them all. I mean, I knew he was important to the story, but I figured maybe the father was the bad guy and Black took the beating to somehow protect his brother. But now that we know, it seems so obvious. How they peeked into his room and Black looked kinda stressed and they both had a black eye in Chapter 03, and Yaldar hurting himself in the same places as Black, which is now obviously out of guilt, and White trying to change the subject when Waseem asked about Black’s older brother.

    This is honestly the best manga I’ve ever read and will countinue reading. So interesting and so beautifully drawn. But also kinda depressing, but not in a bad way. Amazing story. It makes me root for all characters to get better and be happy, I cannot bring myself to be mad at any of them (except for Yaldar, even if we still know too little about his circumstances).

    Sorry for such a long comment. I just never commented here before, but I couldn’t leave it after this update.

    1. The fact that you reread, made me happy. Thank you!
      Never apologise for a long comment. I truly appreciate sharing your thoughts, they’re all spot on. I knew I left enough clues lol

      Thank you so so much for your words about the manga! I really hope you enjoy the whole ride. I’ll work harder to give it all the best I can <3

  10. First I felt dumb because a girl told me she thought it was Yaldar all along, and I was like “Naaaah, did you see the Yaldar tag on her Tumblr? It is too cute.” (also because I would be a terrible detective, I don’t even try to guess what’s happening, I just wait until someone gives me an answer).

    But I read it when I got my volume 4, I read it when you shared it with sopporters, I am reading it again, and I can’t help but have tears in my eyes and feel destroyed. And betrayed?

    But now I really get why you said Black had stockholm syndrome.

    Also, since it is like the third time I am reading, I could notice a few things (I could leave a comment in each page, but I am here already…). First: I already liked Inad, but he is holding a little girl, and he calls her little bird… That is just too sweet for me to handle… Second: Yaldar, that is not how you button a shirt. Third: I miss Waseem. Kids are like a happy oasis that make stories lighter, I kinda need the little birds back… Without cigarettes would be better.

    1. “Naaaah, did you see the Yaldar tag on her Tumblr? It is too cute.” <-- this is cute! Hehe I love your comments on the pages. I gave extra attention to Inad in the pages so I'm happy you like him <3 Hopefully more of Waseem will show. But not so soon, sadly. But he's an important character to the story.

  11. Remembering how I was keeping my words about Yaldar since april 2013. I don’t like you guy !
    Intuition… There is something i didn’t write at that time, it’s that seeing the person picking up the paper i thought (believe me or not) it was the person beating Black and then was surprised to see Yaldar, so I thought I was wrong. But seems like I was not after all !
    Beautiful… Grey is !

      1. Someday. ; w; Still, beautifully written. I’m one of the people who assumed Yaldar was dead, though now I feel silly about that, because Black was obviously younger when Yaldar made his attempt than White was when he was talking to Yaldar in a flashback.

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