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Volume 04 Extras 1
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Volume 04 Extras 1

I hope the last update sank in by now. Have some volume extras and volume end page.

3 thoughts on “Volume 04 Extras 1

  1. Dear dee jusan,

    I’m one of your new readers (2020), I was really excited when I saw the title of your interview “the first Arabic mangaka” I immediately checked it and I was so happy to see Arab started to know what’s to work as a mangaka is and seeing your art through the interview made me more happy but sadly they didn’t have more than 2 clips or so and seeing your schedule made me respect you even more.
    I watched another interview with you and I knew more about you and your story through it and finding your channel letted me watch more of your art. BTW I LOVE your Art.
    You said you want a compition and I was really happy to think that I can be the one, And let the Arabic mangaka job even more noticeable.
    don’t know if I can be a mangaka but I’m trying and training whenever I can cuz I’m studying now and hope to find a time to start my work after studying.
    Till then I believe you will still be the best
    , Love BaraaChan (till I have a pen name)

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