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Chapter 54: Page 16
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I needed a design for a one-time-appearance character so I got inspiration from the most hated character of all anime.

Also, that split second of Black putting up a happy mask is a skill after years of acting.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 16

  1. Oh no…I don’t like where this is going…I don’t want to know where we are moving towards…I mean…who am I kidding Of course I want to know..but I also don’t. Black be strong, although I totally understand…I hope “escapism” only refers to the party and not to what the guys are gonna suggest…
    Black alone at home: “Let’s go to the party after all, to not be so lonely.”
    Black at the party: “Lets go stand alone on the balcony.”
    But i think its very smart. Even if he can’t handle the people right now, its better for him to be alone in a surrounding where there are witnesses and he can’t really harm himself then being alone at home where there is nothing holding him back. Like this he might still brood and feel terrible, but at least its harder for him to act out his impulses.
    Poor soul…he’s so broken and visibly barely holding it together. I so hope this torture is over soon T_T
    Also, great Character design choice. You couldn’t have chosen a better Character 😀

    Lets see what “exchange” is gona bring for Mr. White

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