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Chapter 54: Page 17
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2 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 17

  1. Oh my, I absolutely adore the last panel. How Blacks current coping mechanism, so the bandages change into the drugs. Please black don’t… It hurts to think that he will jump onto it. I can almost hear his “Well I promised I wouldn’t cut anmore, but drugs are a different story”-thoughts… don’t fight these feelings with these weapons!

    1. Also, Blacks reaction. He could just let his “overreaction” from the touch pass as being a picky guy thinking he is better then anyone else and not wanting to be touched. But he still gets insecure about it and tries to make up an excuse.This habit is so…just ouch. I realize binge-reading a book is probably much less painful (even with the emotional overload) then watching the characters/people you deeply care about be in pain week after week after week. I just want him to find his safe place again and get a chance to breath without the feeling to suffocate… But I know it wills till take so long T_T

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