Question: About Black taking care of White

Thank you so much for your kind words! It makes me happy to see so much love and caring for these kids.
Here is a bit of talk about White, and Black too.

White has always been too proud and mature to break down, especially in front of Black.

There were few incidents out of their normal boring days where White lost himself in the moment and acted like the kid (who is under so much pressure) that he is. The sketch I posted today is of the two sleeping. White was sick and acted -out of character- tired and needy. Black nodded off a bit after White fell asleep.

It’s not easy for White who sees how Black, small as he is, takes care of his family selflessly, to let Black take of care of him too. But White, in uncomfortable situations, uncontrollably shifts back to the little child who never had a mother to look out for him and ends up feeling weak.

Black freaks out when White breaks down or loses it. Especially when they were kids. His hero-worship towards White colors him shocked when he sees White down his oh-so-cool-and-strong pedestal.
Even so, after a moment of shock, Black stands tall (ehemnotthattall) and firm in his place as White’s helper when in need and he always surprises the black-haired with his simple straightforward big help.

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